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Page created: 10/04/04
Let us help you pick the map that can be viewed through your existing software. Vectorized elements allow high quality printable graphics and fonts. Just make a choice…
This 391 kb Portable Document Format (PDF) file opens with Adobe Acrobat ® Reader on any platform. It is a pretty large file, and may require some time to open or download, depending on your connection speed.
It is easy and quick to download and view this 52 kb compressed file. You can scale and print it from your web browser. Move in the picture by pressing Alt key on your keyboard while using the mouse. Enlarge by using Ctrl key, reduce by pressing Ctrl + Shift. Replace Ctrl key with Command when using Macintosh computers.
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Macromedia Flash ® (swf) file is 71 kb. This format usually allows high quality graphics in small files, and is used for vectorized animation as well as static images, it's interesting because the files created in general have a weak weight and an excellent quality.
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