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The Aguzou cave has not been specially fitted out for public visits, as it is far too fragile. Visits are therefore organised in small groups and last for a whole day. The cave is thus protected and everyone can admire the profusion, variety and beauty of the classic and also the more subtle speleothems. A few difficult passages are equipped with fixed ladders, ropes etc..., designed more for security reasons than for comfort.


Departure is fixed for 9 a.m. at the starting point as indicated on the side D.118 road (except in July and August, when the departure is from Usson). There, we will kit you out with a boiler suit, helmet, electric light and a belt. There is one guide for a group of 8 -12 people, each carrying their own picnic lunch.

The first part of the visit, until midday, takes in classical features: vast chambers, huge stalagmites, sometimes 20 metres high, curtains of stalactites hanging overhead. The walk sometimes requires a little effort and suppleness, and often provokes wonder.

Lunch is eaten around midday, underground, in a site called "Dining Room". We eat together by candlelight, using chairs and tables in a heated enclosure (the temperature can rise to 13 °C, though it is 8,5 °C in the rest of the cave). We offer you coffee or tea.

In the afternoon, no more obstacles, just pleasure for the eyes, the senses and the camera. A stroll along a path between two ribbons, around a succession of gardens, each 3 to 4 metres long, containing geometric crystals with plane facets, where the angles at the summit are identical for all similar crystals of the same rimstone pools (gours).

Ornate flowers underfoot, aragonite on the ceiling, long white fibres in the form of sea urchins, powder-puffs and fans and, on the walls, all the forms that you have already seen: stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, eccentrics. There are also numerous prismatic candles and hollow triangles of calcite, which are extremely rare.

You will see the "Flower Gallery", the "Chamber of the 1001 Nights", the "Chamber of the Queen's Crown" and many others.

Return is scheduled for 5 p.m: after 7 hours underground you will leave with impression that is was only three. We will almost have to push you out!

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